October In (On) Balboa

October in Balboa is magical! You only use the preposition "on" when you're on the actually island, not the city. This makes total sense, but then shouldn't we say we are ON Manhattan, not IN manhattan? Oh, English language, how peculiar you are. 

We love this little park right in the marina called Marina Park. It's quaint, clean, and not overly crowded.  There are so many great things to do in Balboa including the Fun Zone on the boardwalk, taking the ferry to the island and checking out all the beautiful homes ($$$$).  Also, make sure to check out their cute farmers markets of local artisan goods.  Balboa is known for their world-famous chocolate-dipped frozen banana. YUUMMMMMM.

We really love this place and I highly recommend it for a quick visit if you need a break from the craziness of Los Angeles. Or, if you're like us, it's great for a quick getaway from Anaheim and Disneyland. 

If you're baby-free, I'd suggest renting a paddle board at sunset and being one with nature. So serene and beautiful this world can be! 

Happy Traveling! 


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