friday in boulder.

6:34 PM

"i want to paint this city red to hide a blue heart"

I recently started to get Friday's off from work (which I'm totally psyched about).
i am going to consciously dedicate every friday to having fun since i work through the weekends.

me, fallon, c and derek went to a small town outside of the city called "boulder."
they are known for their incredible antique stores.
we had a lovely lunch, bought adorable pieces and managed to only get yelled at by one shop owner (meanie almost made me cry).

my most favorite part was meeting this man:

he teaches glass blowing classes and also works in a little antique shop and make's adorable little glass figurines. he told me about his youth and how he got drunk with the beetles, how him and his wife met and how he loves her more every day.
-i am honestly thinking about taking some glass blowing lessons from him-

you never know what hobby will create your impetus for fulfillment.
i have many o butterflies thinking about it.

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  1. i just came across your blog and i like it so much! it is oh-so cute. i love antique stores, and what you said about that old man loving his wife more and more each day. that made me smile really big :)

  2. glass blowing would be amazing, do it! think of all the amazing little things you could make! (once you've mastered it of course!) and getting drunk with the beatles?! nice! :)

  3. i want to hang out with you!!!!!! haha

  4. What fun! Your pictures belong in a magazine. What beautiful and fun photography. I think you should fly to fl and take pictures of my son and me! :) Free place to stay! huh huh? Vaca! lmao

    Thanks for stopping by, I'll be coming back real soon!

  5. wow thanks darling yea my back is way better thanks!!Oh gosh all of your photos look like editorials of a very amazing 90’s rock band Magazine it’s true! All of you have amazing style hands down an a incredible creativity am amazed and impressed wow! At firs I was like are these regular people or models seriously no joke I love this post!! I do very much!! ( I want to say thank you for the amazing comment but I also want to let you know am not replying just because you left a comment am doing it because I love your blog!! Just wanted to mention that!) oh and darling you go ahead and have fun on Fridays and don’t forget to share ok! ….Love Dye♥

  6. I want to spend a Friday in Boulder! And make friends with the glass-blowing man. I think we'd have so much to talk about. Fact!


    ps: if you want to e-mail me your 16 year old letter, I can post it on my blog!

  7. Hey lady,

    been away from the mighty computrrr for a few days. it was nice catching up with yr blog. your photos are amazing. what kind of camera do you use?

  8. hey babe, thanks for your comment,
    it actually means heaps :)
    btw i fall inlove with your blog everytime i visit wtf!!
    bahahah, much love babe.


  9. This looks like a seem to have so much fun and you are oh-so stylish! That is one of the sweetest things I have heard about the man who teaches glass blowing and loves his wife so much...just adorable. I have much respect for the arts, and glass blowing is absolutely amazing....I think you should learn! :)


  10. you and ur friends are all so beautiful wish i was. love how u guys dress.


  11. the person sitting down in green, i like the outfit:)

  12. wow. those outfits..that is just not fair.

    would you like to do my shopping for me? srsly.

  13. love love love your outfit. i miss clothes.

    i use to make those photo collages - i used to do it in photoshop but it takes forever.

    thanks for all your lovely comments on our blog!

  14. Just wanted to say hello!! Again hahaha! Am such a dork hahahah!! Love the post!♥

  15. lovely photos! your outfit is adorable.

    aaand, don't you just love when weekends start out on a fantastic note? hopefully having fridays off will mean nothing but good weekend starts for you ;)

    also, that man sounds like he'd be great to talk to. i'm all for glass blowing lessons! do it, do it!

  16. You cuties make that city look awfully appealing. Appealing enough to plan a trip!


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