muffin girl.

8:16 PM

I praise God every day for her.

these are my favourite things about you..

1. When you put vaseline on your lips before bed and you do the exact same circular motion every singggleee time
2. When you talk to waitresses at restaurants like they are the president (and you a peasant)
3. How you share the exact same softness in your heart for boys in vans
4. How you are so punctual and I'm so not
5. Your love for a good steak
6. Your infatuation with Disney (and cheezy pop bands i.e. McFly.. i do admit they are quite good)
7. Your inability to lie- although I know you have before.. you're really bad at it.
8. The fact that if i begged you.. you'd move to Ireland with me for graduate school
9. The devotion you have to God and His plan for you (it's truly pulled me through some tough times)
10. The fact when you cook you follow every SINGLE direction.. and you have a huge problem when things go out of order
11. The fact that although no body would ever guess it but if you had to.. you could SERIOUSLY beat somebody up
12. Your little blue honda that has a "twilight" plate, a Christian fish and Disney bumper on it
13. Your long, thin, beautiful piano-playing fingers
14. Your sense of humor- it's effortless and it's probably the only one on this earth that makes me REALLY laugh

and lastly..
I adore that fact that you have stuck by my side. You have never lost faith in me.. never judged me.. never gave up on me. There were times in our friendship where I didn't deserve you at all.. but you were relentless. I am in tears right now thinking about the times that I needed a shoulder so bad and yours was the first to fiercely provide my head some stability. You must know that you are a huge inspiration to me. Your smile, milky skin, beautiful heart, amazing personality and tender heart for God all play into the fact that you are an exceptional woman and my best friend.

Are we not two volumes of one book?
Two wings of a soaring sparrow?
A pair of binoculars making sense of far away objects?
The necessary creases of a written letter?
The necessary creases of a crumpled up letter?
Are we not to friends meant to be together until our souls drift into the clouds?

I think so..

Happy Birthday my sweets.

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  1. This is so so sweet, and the pictures are precious. You're very lucky to have such a special friend.

  2. gorgeous, both of you.

    this is the sweetest post i've read in a while. you are terribly lucky to have such a wonderful friend!

  3. happy birthday to your sweet friend!
    how lucky to have each other as friends. Beautiful birds of a feather, flock together! : )


  4. This is too cute! I love all the photos.

  5. awwww. this is was so touching. you are a beautiful soul courtney. my goodness.

  6. Wow. i would be crying buckets of tears of joy now if I was Muffin Girl. I bet she is.

    XXX, Kim

  7. wow thts very nice of you (:
    seems like a very great person to be with.

  8. this is precious. i love friends.

  9. Aww, this post is just magnificent. Friendship is so wonderful :)


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