nothing in this world like a sister.

12:25 AM

I know people say this a lot, but seriously, my sister is my biggest inspiration. You will never meet a more witty, intelligent, free-spirited, 0r beautiful 25-year-old girl.

People always point out that we have the same diction, speech, witty/cynical attitude and I never get sick of hearing it. To be compared to such an enrapturing person is an amazing honor.

I could write pages upon pages of situations where my sister pulled me through some dark, scary times in my life but instead I want the world -and you sis- to know that you are the sole reason I am on the path I am today. The person who pushed me with words, steered me with love and nurtured me with an influence oozing with positivity.

I am so stoked to visit you next month sis!

For every one who's curious. Chelsea is in the Peace Corps Master's program at Rutger's in Camden, NJ. She leaves soon to a foreign country (currently unknown) to dedicate her knowledge and training to the bettering and development of this country for two entire years. During this time I will be in France and it's fair to say that after May I won't see my beloved elder sister for a couple of years.

It's tough to think about but I couldn't be more proud of her. I might get a tattoo of her on my arse. We'll see.

Happy 25th Birthday "Beeda."
I am sickly in love with you.

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  1. Joyeux Anniversaire to her :)

    You're coming to France ?!! When ? Where ? That is so great !

  2. Yes my darling!

    I will be living in Pau, France but visiting Paris probably every couple of weeks.

    I would love to meet up with you and collaborate some adventures!

  3. Oh my I never know that a girl so inspiring you are could have been inspired by even a greater person like your sister!

    I also have younger sister and I am working hard to support her. Unfortunately, sometimes I feel she is uncomfortable with herself because everybody keeps comparing us while I know and she knows that we are up to totally different thing and I am proud of her talents..

    Ohh well, I should not complain much in here and I shall wish all the luck and bless for you sister!

    This post really makes me miss home..

    love, xx

  4. Hey darling yes sisters are the best so I’ve been told, because I don’t have any sisters I do have a fantastic brother but no sisters (sad face) but I love the way you express your love for your amazing sister! She looks brilliant and I love people with a witty personality that just makes my day! Amazing post and I hope you have fun when you visit her I know you will!…Love Dye ♥

  5. Wish I had a sister, yours sounds like a brilliant lady :)

  6. Your big sister sounds like my big sister. I could not imagine a better woman than my sister.

    Your sister sounds like a beautiful person as well. It takes a truly special person to dedicate two years to improving lives so far away from home.

  7. I can TOTALLY see why you'd be so proud of her! Serious giving dedication. Beautiful.

    I have two sisters that I live for. I'd die without them. One is considering moving to ID to be closer to me (well maybe my mom too but I say just me ;)

    I'll be in Paris & Montpellier this summer! Maybe we'll run into eachother... stranger things have happened!


  8. wow this is such a nice post
    and i'm loving your blog so dont stop lolol

    much love,

  9. A tattoo on your arse would certainly be a majah tribute. Ah ha ha

  10. Very inspiring post. Thank you for that.
    -Holly Renee

  11. ack i love this post. not to mention, your sister seems like a bamf. let's be friends.

  12. miss you girl!!! theres a little thank you on my blog with your name in it. :)


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