nothing in this world like a sister.

12:25 AM

I know people say this a lot, but seriously, my sister is my biggest inspiration. You will never meet a more witty, intelligent, free-spirited, 0r beautiful 25-year-old girl.

People always point out that we have the same diction, speech, witty/cynical attitude and I never get sick of hearing it. To be compared to such an enrapturing person is an amazing honor.

I could write pages upon pages of situations where my sister pulled me through some dark, scary times in my life but instead I want the world -and you sis- to know that you are the sole reason I am on the path I am today. The person who pushed me with words, steered me with love and nurtured me with an influence oozing with positivity.

I am so stoked to visit you next month sis!

For every one who's curious. Chelsea is in the Peace Corps Master's program at Rutger's in Camden, NJ. She leaves soon to a foreign country (currently unknown) to dedicate her knowledge and training to the bettering and development of this country for two entire years. During this time I will be in France and it's fair to say that after May I won't see my beloved elder sister for a couple of years.

It's tough to think about but I couldn't be more proud of her. I might get a tattoo of her on my arse. We'll see.

Happy 25th Birthday "Beeda."
I am sickly in love with you.

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  1. Joyeux Anniversaire to her :)

    You're coming to France ?!! When ? Where ? That is so great !

  2. Yes my darling!

    I will be living in Pau, France but visiting Paris probably every couple of weeks.

    I would love to meet up with you and collaborate some adventures!

  3. Oh my I never know that a girl so inspiring you are could have been inspired by even a greater person like your sister!

    I also have younger sister and I am working hard to support her. Unfortunately, sometimes I feel she is uncomfortable with herself because everybody keeps comparing us while I know and she knows that we are up to totally different thing and I am proud of her talents..

    Ohh well, I should not complain much in here and I shall wish all the luck and bless for you sister!

    This post really makes me miss home..

    love, xx

  4. very beautiful (:


  5. Hey darling yes sisters are the best so I’ve been told, because I don’t have any sisters I do have a fantastic brother but no sisters (sad face) but I love the way you express your love for your amazing sister! She looks brilliant and I love people with a witty personality that just makes my day! Amazing post and I hope you have fun when you visit her I know you will!…Love Dye ♥

  6. Wish I had a sister, yours sounds like a brilliant lady :)

  7. Your big sister sounds like my big sister. I could not imagine a better woman than my sister.

    Your sister sounds like a beautiful person as well. It takes a truly special person to dedicate two years to improving lives so far away from home.

  8. I can TOTALLY see why you'd be so proud of her! Serious giving dedication. Beautiful.

    I have two sisters that I live for. I'd die without them. One is considering moving to ID to be closer to me (well maybe my mom too but I say just me ;)

    I'll be in Paris & Montpellier this summer! Maybe we'll run into eachother... stranger things have happened!


  9. wow this is such a nice post
    and i'm loving your blog so dont stop lolol

    much love,

  10. A tattoo on your arse would certainly be a majah tribute. Ah ha ha

  11. Very inspiring post. Thank you for that.
    -Holly Renee

  12. ack i love this post. not to mention, your sister seems like a bamf. let's be friends.

  13. miss you girl!!! theres a little thank you on my blog with your name in it. :)


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