Jane's third birthday

We have a three-year-old, people! She's wild and beautiful, smart and fierce. This girl is definitely taking the world by storm. We are smitten over this little gal.  

She was so excited to plan her party.  At first we were thinking a Peppa Pig theme (but then the show got really annoying to me and I just couldn't hang with that idea) then we were thinking unicorn theme, so I ordered a bunch of fun decor on Amazon.  Then somehow the party turned into a Moana/unicorn theme. So, in true three-year-old fashion, we had a very mismatched, yet adorable party.  Even Moana herself paid a visit! 

Jane Alexander Hammonds is the true definition of a girls girl. She loves all things makeup, nail polish, hair clips, dresses and pink! She even has quite an active social life.   If she isn't reading books on her pink princess bed, she's jumping on the trampoline or stirring up something to eat in the kitchen.  She always wants to lend a helping hand.  She has a heart for the Lord and even takes it upon herself to pray for people when they seem down.  She's our little blessing and we are so pleased with the little woman she is becoming. 

Jane, when you read this blog post someday, can you please know that mom and dad love you so very much? Maybe we aren't the coolest parents at times, or maybe we are too old-fashioned and strict, but know that what we want for you is the very best. Please forgive us for messing up, because we aren't perfect.  Please come to us when you need help.  Please never feel embarrassed or cornered. Please trust your heart when making a tough decision. And when your heart feels confused, turn your heart to the Lord.  We love you so much. Happy third birthday, daughter. 


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