thoughts from my hospital bed..

So many emotions going through my mind as I sit here in the hospital room, waiting to meet my second daughter.  Today we spent the day at downtown Summerlin and took Jane to decorate a sugar cookie at our favorite bakery. Then we took her to a toy store and got her a new puzzle. We ended our last day as a family of three at California pizza kitchen, enjoying each other's company in the cool, sunny weather.  I was literally fighting back tears the whole day because I am just so happy and blessed aand love my people so much. I am so ready to meet this little girl whom we've waited so long for.  Before bed tonight, Jane was sort of having a hard time knowing mommy and daddy wouldn't be there when she woke up. We assured her that she will get up, have breakfast, then come to meet her baby sissy! She is so excited. She says she can't wait to kiss her cheeks. 

I love my daughters so much. Mae, you are the most blessed and loved little girl. See you in a few short hours!!


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