before she comes

Wow, nine months have come and gone. Now we are just weeks, if not days, away from meeting our sweet Mae. This pregnancy was so lovely, quick and easy. This little girl has a gentle, loving spirit and I can't wait to fixate my eyes on her for the first time.  We received these amazing 4D images of her at our last ultrasound. We can't believe how much she looks like big sissy! Jane loves  the one of Mae frowning because she says "Mae wants to come out now and play with me!" These girls are going to be two peas in a pod. I can't wait!

I've gained about 30 lbs during this pregnancy. So, compared to Jane, I am doing much better with weight-gain. My feet are just now starting to swell, which means I am definitely getting close to meeting this girl. I still have my wedding ring and band on, so that's nice.  Overall, these are days leading up to meeting Mae are uber precious and special. We are enjoying our last few outings with just Jane, but really looking forward to the craziness of toting around two little girls everywhere. Thank you, Jesus, for our Mae Valentine.

Rubbing mama's swollen feet

Matching daddy. Can't wait to see daddy with TWO little darlings!! 


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