Another little girl

9:02 AM

As He promises, the Lord answered our prayer for another sweet baby. 

The very next month after my last chemical pregnancy, Michael and I were shocked to discover we were pregnant AGAIN. I was thinking "no, this can't be possible, maybe it's just my hormones all out of whack." Once confirmed by the doctor, a heartbeat detected, a life to be excited over, we have been completely overjoyed and thankful.

We were careful not to tell Jane until we knew this baby would be in it for the long-haul. We were excited at around 14 weeks gestation to go to our gender-check ultrasound. Jane came with us and was super excited to find out if she was going to have a little brother or sister. The baby's leg's were crossed tightly, so we couldn't really see much. The ultrasound tech said if she were to guess, she would say this baby was teetering 70% BOY. Michael turned white. But 70% just wasn't a large enough percentage to let us be excited about seeing blue.

At 16 weeks, we went back in to check the gender.  They were in a big hurry, so didn't really get to spend much time looking at the baby.  This time she was 100% certain that our little baby was a GIRL. A girl!!

We were SO excited to run home and tell Jane that her little sister would be coming soon to play dress up with her, to twirl around with her, to have princess parties with her.

We are naming our new daughter, Mae Hammonds.
I am pretty sure we have had this name picked out ever since Jane was an infant. I think we came across it and loved it equally. It has such a perfect, feminine, classic vibe to it. We also feel it compliments the name "Jane" well.  Jane & Mae Hammonds. I couldn't love two girls more even if I tried!

Mae, we are still working on your middle name. Mama wants to use a family name, and Daddy likes to play around with names like "Mae West" and "Ellie Mae." :)  I can tell you though, Mae, that you are so wanted and so loved. We cannot wait to bring you into this world, and show you all the wonderful beauty it has to offer. Please go easy on your big sister, as I am sure she will need a little bit of time to adjust from thinking your a plastic baby doll, to a real-life baby sister. She is so excited and I just know the two of you will be the best of friends.

I love you.


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