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3:16 PM

I told myself I would be more "on it" when it came to blog posts. I have fallen SO far behind. I don't have it in me to catch up for the past 6 months, so I will just pick up from where we are now :)

It's the end of summer, and it's so, so sweet. The mornings are getting cooler, which means for frequent visits to the park & consequently, less time in the swimming pool.

We did so much this summer. I never want to forget it. 
Moomar & Pap Pap stayed with us for a whole month while they waited for the finishings touches of their new home. We had a great time with them. Lots of great dinners, good wine, and even better laughs.

We had a fabulous vacation/work-cation in San Diego. Jane loves the busy streets of the inner-city. It really speaks to her outgoing nature. She really is that baby that invites strangers to crank their neck just in hopes of snagging a quick glimpse. 
She is pure beauty and so much fun.

Lately, her vocabulary is so vast. She likes to names off all the people she knows and loves. It usually starts with Lamby and ends with one of her cousins, or Tao (tio, uncle Alex). 

We celebrated many birthdays, watched some great movies, and stayed in the pool WAY too long at times. 

Thankful for this new season of our family. Praying to expand our family so that sweet Jane can have a sibling soon! 

Hopefully my next post will have some exciting news! 
Lord hear our prayer. Amen!

My little iPhone thief :)

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