Parenting; the good, the bad, and the faithful.

3:06 PM

Sometimes, when the day was very long and hard, I wonder how mothers and fathers around the world do this parenting thing. They never complain, they're always smiling and grateful, and seem to do it all so easily.
Well, the truth is, it's never easy. Not for a moment. But it is darn rewarding. In fact, it's the most rewarding job a person can have. Being a parent, and a good one at that, requires selflessness and love.  We love our kids, of course. But what's more is the idea of doing it all because you truly enjoy it, not just out of necessity.  My child's basic needs are always met, but what am I doing every day to make sure those needs are met to the best of my ability?  There are times where we would much rather be reclining and zoning out for a while, but our sweet little kin fancies some attention or play time. We get up and play, but our minds are still focused on the fluff surrounding us.

I never want to be thinking of the other things I could be doing. I always want to be right in that moment with my children, offering up all I have for them.  Much like our Father in Heaven does for us, even after we make a muck of our lives, make the same mistakes over and over, and renounce his name. When we come crawling back, His arms are wide open.  His mind is never elsewhere; it's always on us. It's always on His children. 

(both older photos, but I want them to make an appearance on this here blog in case they get lost in the mix)

What a perfect love. 

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