A quick recap of our trip

4:51 PM

We had a lot of fun at the UCLA game this past weekend.  Jane slept in our arms the whole time, totally undisturbed.  We spent a day on Balboa Island and had the most amazing pizza.  MMM CARBS. 

Jane was our little companion + it was so fun just getting out with her and enjoying the beautiful weather.

My only complaint would be trying to find a cozy, comfortable place to breastfeed at Knotts Berry Farm. They DO have a nursing room that is attached to the bathroom, but it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years.  So, we trekked back to the car and took care of business there. Not ideal, but we gotta do what we gotta do. 

Next up in the Hammonds' household is Thanksgiving prep, picking the lemons off of our very ripe bush, and decorating for Christmas. 

Some favorite moments of our quick trip were:

1. The drive down. Mike and I made a huge thermas of delicous coffee + we sipped and talked while baby girl slept.
2.  Tailgating + small talk with some UCLA alumni.  
3.  The hot dogs ... oh the hot dogs (even though they made me sick, I still thoroughly enjoyed them)
4. Being with Mike's neices and nephews.
5. Taking a STEAMING hot shower in a shower other than my own. It was just so nice + extra warm.
6.  BBQing with my in-laws.
7.  Watching Mike introduce Jane to Snoopy for the first time.
8.  Sleeping in a small bed with my husband. Cuddles were much more frequent!
9.  The endless, fresh rolls at Knotts Berry Farm cafe.  Smothered with apple butter or gravy. Life was extra delicious that morning. 
10.  Sweet conversations and quiet time with my husband.  He works so hard for his family and I just appreciate him so much. 


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