Motherhood, a short recap from a 20-something-year-old.

2:03 PM

Motherly instincts are one of those things that come naturally, right?  Truthfully, they do.  But only to some extent.  I remember the day Mike and I brought Jane into the world & the whirlwind of emotions we both felt.  Happiness, joy, fear, nervousness, excitement.  Jane and I cuddled skin-to-skin and she latched right on.  We have been breastfeeding exclusively ever since.  I am so proud of us for doing something so natural and being so good at it.  

I remember being alone with Mike and Jane in the hopsital room for the first time and it was time to change her first diaper.  Mike has nieces and nephews, so he has changed many diapers in his day.  I do not. I remember thinking "OMG, I have never really changed a diaper until now."  Needless to say, mom and baby made it through our first diaper change as well as many, many after that. 

Now that sweet Jane is 6-months-old, every day brings news questions and challenges about how we need to parent.  Baby proofing the house, scrubbing the floors with baby safe products since she is crawling everywhere, figuring out the best schedule for baby, teaching her right from wrong, figuring out her interests, seeing what sort of foods she like etc.  There are many decisions we will have to make as parents, but Michael and I are choosing to rely on the Lord for his divine guidance.  Because, honestly, we don't have all the answers and we never will.  What we do know is that Jane is so loved and that is the single most precious gift any parent could give their child.  Perfect, undying, unconditional love. 

Some sweet photos of Jane the day she was born.  She is so beautiful. 

***27+hrs of childbirth is my excuse for the last photo. But I had to include it.  Mike and I Facetimed as he took sweet girl to the nursery.  I couldn't bare to be away from her.  This little screen time got me through as she got her first bath + first health examination.  I remember thinking "look at how blonde she is!" "She looks just like her daddy." 

Dear Lord, help Michael and I to raise and protect our sweet Jane Alexander.  Guide us in wisdom and strength to be the best parents we can possibly be here on earth.  You have set the ultimate example of sacrifice when you sent your ONLY son to die on the cross for our salvation.  I am amazed by you, oh Lord. 

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