Morning Walks

11:24 AM

I have learned the beauty of taking walks and getting outside.  When there is a cranky baby, or let's face it, a cranky mama, a fresh breath of air can really help out.  Jane and I get out in the cool mornings & map out our day.  We talk to each other, we smile at each other, and we enjoy observing the passerbys.  It's so refreshing and beauitful. Sometimes we even walk down to Trader Joe's, snag a free sample and coffee, and head back home. 

The best things in life are free! 

p.s. we are really loving our new, lightweight umbrella stroller, the Baby Jogger Vue.  It, however, was not free. (haha)
We love our Bugaboo & our other jogger strollers, but this one is so easy to open and close. It also lays flat so sweet babe can take little naps.  And in desperate situations, can be used for a changing table.  I am sorry, but public changing tables totally freak me out!

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