The Weekend - Macarons + Baby time

2:05 PM

We had a really beautiful weekend.  Friday night we celebrated Shea + Dave's (otherwise known as "Shave") wedding reception. Then Mike and I left baby Jane home with Mike's sister so we could go to a comedy show. This was the first time I left Jane home at night + I was surpisingly relaxed about it! Butch Bradley is such a great friend + comedian. I don't remember that last time I laughed like that! The L.A. comedy club is a great venue. 

We love you, Butchy!

I used Bouchon's recipe for making macarons which acutally uses an Italian method of incorporating the egg whites separately.  From what I've read and researched, the Italian method is just a more fullproof method that renders great results. And it did! Although, I was so tired after making these, I skippd the ganache filling and left them as is. I figured without the filling, we would consume less sugar, too. 

And here we are, just the three of us again. I know we won't always be three, but for now it's so much fun having these little intimate moments together. Mike usually snags his guitar and we enjoy the cool breeze outside. It really makes baby so happy, too.  I gave up and just started letting Jane crawl on the grass. It's inevitable that she will be dirty and get into things, so why fight it any longer. We just do a really good wipe down afterwards :) 

I saved the best photo for last again. Mike was playing basketball and Jane just watched him amazement. 

Too good. Just too good.

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