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Hey Jane, did you know in the last two weeks you started crawling and got your first two teeth? I just thought I would make a blog post so that when you're 35 and someone asks you when you had these amazing milestones, you will have a prompt answer and reliable source to refer to (ie, this blog post :) ) 

ps, they are your two bottom teeth. :)

Here are some pictures of what we were up to in August 2014.

90th percentile for height and weight at 4 months. Mama's milk done you good, little one. 

You think your little feet are fascinating, and so do we. 

Mornings are really precious to our little family of 3. We get you from your crib and let you crawl around and entertain us as we eat and map out our day. We laugh and smile and then go back down for our morning nap (well, you do... I normally go do something I can't otherwise do when we are playing)

This is a picture of Moo Mar at about age 2. I see a lot of you in her little face.

We eat really well. Well, dad and I do. You just watch us eat & we feel bad for you. One more month and I promise to purée this into a Jane-friendly consistency.

We Facetime with Beeda all the time. It's tough being so far apart. But you already recognize her face on the screen and it's pretty adorable.
 You love your dad and he loves you. It's the perfect thing.

This is you, being really, really cute. You have an Eiffel Tower etching on your onesie. I can't wait to being our French lessons soon. Ca sera très amusant, ma puce. Je t'aime très fort!

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