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3:08 PM

Life is surely moving fast.  Jane is 8 weeks old, and mama is wondering where the time is all going.  Our days start with mama, daddy, and baby time on the bed. We talk, do silly things to get smiles out of baby, and discuss how excited we are for the day to be over already so we can hang out together.  Mama goes downstairs and makes a smoothie and packs dad's lunch.  I usually put baby in her bassinet during this time and she occupies herself by taking the world in through her little eyes.  Off goes dad to work and baby is usually ready for her 2nd breakfast (quite the little hobbit you are, sweetie). Then baby lays on a blanket on the floor and mama plays with her feet, hands, and toes.  Mama usually takes 4-5 long videos and more photos than one can count. No worries, though, I have already upgraded my icloud space & dad has organized a couple of terabyte hard drives to keep everything stored and organized. We don't want to miss a thing!

Baby is usually ready for her morning nap around 10-11 am. Baby is down for an hour and mama squeezes in the chores. Today I mopped, which, ashamedly, is the first time I've mopped since we moved in. I am more of a "spot cleaner" when it comes to the floors. eek.  Lunch for mama and baby comes very quickly, usually followed by a good burp session and maybe a walk around the backyard for some vitamin D.  Baby is ready for nap # 2 and mama throws on her yoga pants to try and work off this extra baggage.  Around 3-4 pm, baby eats and we usually have company over.  It's the same company every time. My parents are slightly obsessed with their first grandchild. And it doesn't help that they live 5 minutes away. I will say, though, it's been such a blessing to have them so close by.  

Dad comes home from work and grabs his little girl. He rocks her and talks to her while I make dinner.  By the time dad is finished telling me about his day, baby is asleep in his arms. She finds his voice to be oh-so-calming. It's too precious. 

Dinner is usually pretty quick, and the three of us are upstairs & ready for bed.  Baby gets a nice, snug swaddle, and mama and papa are usually watching one of our shows. Game of Thrones as of late.  Bachelorette for me & Workaholics for dad.  We watch our shows together.  Dad makes fun of mine, and well, I make fun of his too :)  Then it's lights out.  About 8 hrs later, baby's appetite it roaring and she's ready for some num num. Thank you sweet girl for letting mommy sleep so well.  I joke that I sleep better now than I have ever before. What a little miracle you are!

We are gearing up for summer here at the Hammonds household.  The pool is crystal clear and we can't wait to dive in this weekend. 

Oh ya, and our 1 yr wedding anniversary is at the end of June. Wow. Time to start searching for the perfect gift for husband. I think I may have a few good ideas, although he'd be happy with a good meal, an indulgent dessert and a foot massage.  It's been a great first year & I look forward to many more to come. 


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