Our wedding day!

10:31 AM

And what a beautiful day, indeed. We feel so blessed to have had all our friends and family attend.  I remember waking up the next morning with butterflies still in my stomach.
"Did that all just really happen?"

It felt like a dream!  

Mike and I are so excited about life.  Since the honeymoon, we have been non-stop busy! We like to wake up early in the morning, head to the gym, and play basketball together after our workouts. It gives us a chance to talk about things early on in the day, in a very open way.  Of course we talk about things like children, living in different cities, travel plans etc, but some days it's more quiet and we just enjoy our company together before we enter a hectic work day. 

I have been putting to good use all the amazing kitchen-ware that was gifted to us at our wedding.  Needless to say, we are eating well and enjoying it all! 

I am so very excited to keep blogging about our adventures in marriage and keep a beautiful record of all the memories we make. I know I will be happy I did this one day.. especially when our children figure out mom and dad were pretty cool in their day. 

So happy, so excited, so ready for it all! 

with love,
Mrs. H

P.S. Check out our wedding video by Zach Wallinger!


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  1. so much love Court :)

    xo C

  2. Beautiful wedding!! What was your venue? Looks like a beautiful country club for a wedding in Vegas. Best wishes.


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