The Hammonds. My husband. My friend.

8:03 PM

Our wedding was a dream.  Did it actually happen? Are we that fortunate of people to have such an extravagant event for our sakes?  Thank you to ALL who came and all who thought of us. You don't know how honored we are to have you as our lifelong confidents.

After the wedding, we arrived at our amazing resort.. Secrets Silversands Riviera Maya. It's (so far) been 7 nights of pure bliss.  Aside from our waves of stomach issues, the trip has been a blast.  We have been eating such wonderful meals together, which offers us the opportunity to bond and  understand each other even more.  I definitely see the significance of a honeymoon.  Michael and I lay here in bed after a delicious meal of french onion soup and blue cheese filet and we wonder how we got so lucky. I will post more photos, but here is just one for now.  We aren't too keen on asking people to take photos of us... so selfies it is! ;)


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