Bridal Shower!

8:35 PM

My amazing mama and sister hosted my bridal shower. It was a day of elegance, joy, and fun. We played silly games, indulged on scones and petit sandwiches, and shared a few tears and laughs.  My mom surprised me with the professional sized Kitchen Aid.  She knows her baby girl VERY well.

Seeing all my women gather together and celebrate Michael and I truly warmed my heart. After everyone left, a few bridesmaids stayed behind and we munched on leftovers and enjoyed a little after party.  Then Michael came over and we reopened all the gifts so he could enjoy them too! (well, except for all the lingerie ;) )

It's the happiest time of my life. I feel so ready for this wonderful adventure with my Michael.

Gluten-free cake pops by my sis and I-- we used coconut flour instead. Delicious!
--Mrs. H ---
 My bridal shower gifts.  Little, "something blue" whisks that all the ladies could add to their own kitchens! 
My sister had a local artist in Uganda make some vector artwork of one of our engagement photos. Michael and I LOVED it. We especially like our cool tribal tats that the artist added. 
 A little DIY sign from my stupendous sissy bear. 
 My precious nieces. 

One of the games required the women to draw a photo of me on my wedding day..on top of their heads. 

My Aunt Lo won the game with her ethereal rendition of my wedding get-up.

Another game involved a faux wedding dress competition between the mother of the bride and mother of the groom. So much fun!

My two mama's. I am SO blessed. 

I chose the mother of the groom dress as the winner. My one requirement for a wedding dress was that it couldn't be sleeveless and they nailed it! Great artistic effort, ladies :)

Aunt Lo & sis in their chartreuse Antonio Melani dresses. My dress was also by Antonio Melani. We must be related. 

The last game required me to pick out random clothing items from a bag while blindfolded.  Big thanks to Jackie, my best friend, for throwing in a triple D, red boulder holder to help make the bride brush even MORE than usual. 

Michael's mother gave me a set of beautiful, antique tea plates and tea sets from her grandmother. I feel so honored to inherit them and eventually pass them down to my grandchildren.

The amazing Carter family got me "Green Eggs and Ham" in French to read to my future little Michael babies 

The happiest time in my life.  When it's right, it's really, really right.

-Mrs. H

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  1. I'm so happy for you!! You are an absolute vision


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