Our little engagement story...

9:06 PM

Michael and I met when I was 16.  We had mutual friends in high school and hung out several times.  I always wondered in the back of my mind "where did this guy come from and why didn't I know him before?"  I remember one night we took his Ford Explorer out and we sped over big speed bumps in the middle of the desert.  One of the bumps probably permanently damaged his car, but instead of getting crazy mad, Mike laughed it off and did it a few more times.  I knew at this moment that his care-free spirit was something I wanted to get to know more.

Years later, the good Lord brought us back together and decided to turn our friendship into a very beautiful and profound love that only man and wife can get to know.

Mike turned 26 on February 12.  As I have done for every birthday, I wanted to cook a big meal and have all the family together.  I bought some baby back ribs, baked a red velvet cake and gathered all the family at Mike's parents home.  During dinner, Mike wasn't as cuddly and responsive as he usually is and instantly I knew that something was up.  After dinner we all gathered around the fireplace and I saw Mike pacing in the kitchen.  It then hit me.  "He is going to ask me to marry him."  I just knew in my heart that the timing was right and that Mike and I were ready to take that step.  With the most adorable grin on his face, Mike asked me to come in the other room.  In the room next to where all our family was gathered, Mike got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife.  He made me the HAPPIEST girl that day.  I am so excited to become his wife and create and beautiful family together!

Oh, how life is sweet!

 Mike doing a celebratory jig. 
Can you blame a girl for crying?

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