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This Christmas was one of joy, great food, and relaxation.  I spent it with my wonderfully quirky family, Michael's family, and sweet friends.  For Christmas Eve, my entire nuclear unit went to Michael's parents annual Christmas party for fine fair and good company.  It is SUCH a blessing to know that our families are compatible and get along so great (this should make an easy transition once we get married).   Mike's mom and my mom had some wonderful bonding moments and I couldn't help but to observe and be elated with joy! 

Christmas day was spent opening presents with Michael's nieces and (over) eating a lovely dinner at my Aunt's house.  Although the food was delicious, I am fasting from turkey and ham for at LEAST 6 months.  OVERLOAD.  Michael and I escaped the dinner party early to have our own little Christmas as his apt where we watched a movie and talked about our New Year's goals.  We both agreed that we are on the right track and 2013 is going to be VERY exciting ;)

My greatest joy this holiday season was having my wonderful sister home.  She is amazing!  Sadly, she leaves for Uganda again Jan. 4 to finish her Peace Corps extension.  I pray she keeps safe and content for the rest of her stay. 

Here are a few silly photos we took outside of my Aunt's house with Michael, my mama bear, and Chelsea.  

It truly was a Joyeux Noel. 


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