This is the weekend.

1:05 PM

I had a blast of a weekend.  I went to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to see the Bruins play with Mike and his family.  We went to Philippe's for more french dipped sandwiches and toured the new Pauley Pavilion on UCLA's campus.  To top it all off, we spent Monday at Knott's Berry Farm, the world's first theme park.  Here are two photos of Mike and I; one with a filter and one without.  I am not sure how I like filters anymore, so I will just post both of them.  Oh and by the way, although  this photo may appear to be one, Mike used his photoshop skills to merge them.  Magic!

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  1. You look so cute! How fun! I need to take a trip down to Cali again soon for some Knotts fun :-)

  2. I know I say this on every post but you two are the cutest! You compliment each other perfectly.


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