Lake Dayz.

10:16 PM

I guess the whole point of blogging is to write interesting & reflective posts that accurately reflect your life in a somewhat timely manner.  So to go off the grid a little bit, per usual, here are a few photos of me and Michael at the Lake in AZ this past summer.  We went with some friends who have jet skis and boats.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  I smothered my beau with plenty of SPF, put on my new mod cloth bathing suit number pictured here, and had some mid-day tequila shots to make everything even classier than it already was.

P.S. babe, if you're reading this-- remember when we (1) thought it was an excellent idea to go swim to the rock in the middle of the lake and challenge our mental and physical strengths beyond human capacity?  Yeah, me too & and I still very sorry for that.


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