Pre-wedding bliss.

10:05 AM

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Ioana in her pre-bridal joy 

I had such a blast being a part of this wonderfully quirky bridal party.  Each one of these gorgeous women exudes a unique beauty that I grew to really love and enjoy.  

Some highlights include:
Our sweet hotel room at the Golden Nugget
Silly and embarrassing bachelorette games
Loaded potatoes at the bar around 2 a.m.
Ioana opening up the condoms someone bought her at her bridal shower (still laughing)
When Vacheral asked an Australian man for one of his socks & him so kindly obliging
& building friendships that will climb the highest of mountains and spread across the widest of seas

Then I asked the girls for their own input on the evening's events:

Patricia Coleman: "I would have to say the foodgasms at firefly are something that have to be mentioned smile and the men who took us into the high rollers lounge! By the way, the room is at the plaza smile"

Ioana Carter: Aww.. I love this! Thanks Court! Ummmm.... lets see... That guy showed me his Taylor Swift tattoo on his bottom... The story you told to those guys about Patricia being a lesbian.. Me not making it 10 minutes in those heels... Patricia being denied a dance by a old gay guy because he thought she wanted him.. our personalized mugs tricia made.. ummm oh and the toliet paper wedding dresses at the bridal shower smile

Jessica Denels: "Awwww you guys took like all my favorite moments except the one where Courtney showcased her moves at Coyote Ugly."


I love you girls 


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  1. this looks like SO much fun! i want to organize a bachelorette party one day!

    <3 katherine

  2. She looks so how these photos capture that!

  3. Good to know about this information on pre-wedding activities. I am planning to arrange my sister-in-law’s wedding reception next month and searching for best Seattle Wedding venues. Hope to find a perfect venue and have great time there.


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