Alamo Park, San Francisco

1:31 PM

That day we laid down a blanket, set up the tripod, cracked open a couple coca-colas, and scarfed down some pistachios while overlooking the foggy city.  

It's hard to hide the fact that I am totally, completely, irrevocably in love with this man.  I genuinely want to be a better woman because of him.  

Thank you Lord for bringing him to me.  

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  1. Gorgeous photos!! I've always wanted to go to San Francisco

  2. I'm loving these photos!!! I've been to that park, albeit many years ago. San Francisco is my hometown, and thank you for bringing me home if even for just a few minutes!

  3. these are adorable! i would love to go there - looks beautiful - i haven't been to san franciso in years

    <3 katherine


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