Not a "football" girl.

3:00 PM

 This dress was made my Calvin Klein, purchased at The Salvation Army for $4.99, %100 silk

 Coffee bean downtown LA where people watching is not only entertaining, but can leave you feeling violated and disturbed.  
The gentleman to the right had a really cute puppy, a moleskin notebook, and a pack of cigarettes. 

 The young lady working here allowed us to sample their peanut butter cupcake.  Wow.
This is a classic meal @ Fillippe's French Dipped Sandwich Shop.  Potato salad, macaroni salad, french-dipped beef sandwich with TWO cheeses; American and Swiss.
I always put way too much spicy mustard on my sandwich and end up making painfully awkward facial expressions throughout the meal.  Mike is always telling me to put less on but I cannot resist. 

 Tailgating UCLA v. Nebraska

Such a humid, hot day in Pasadena... you can see my "sweat 6-pack" in this photo. 

We had a great time that weekend.  
That night I got really hungry but there were no open restaurants or bars.  Mike bought me a luncheable which was delicious until I found a large white chunk of funk in the meat.  I still have a tummy ache.
We also met Mike's friends from college that came to California to root for their Nebraska.  It was great seeing a huge fan following from the midwest to come to California; they sure are loyal fans. 

For a girl that is not a "football girl," I love the hell out of a football game. 

Go Bruins!  

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