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My first trip alone:
I could go on forever about how much I adore traveling alone. No one is there but everyone else is. Strangers, I mean. As I traveled all over the East coast to visit my sister, I made more meaningful, lifelong friends in just 10 days than I have my entire life.
I want to forever remember the memories from this trip, never lose the feelings and senses that overcame me and inspired me and most of all, make a new dream become a reality: moving to Philadelphia, PA. The city of brotherly love reeled me in and never bothered to unhook me. One of my sister’s classmates said that “Philly is a city you love, and it loves you right back.” This is the truest form of how I feel about Philadelphia.
Right now I am looking into the MA programs at UPenn and Drexle and also looking at housing (which is quite affordable). After I come back from France, I will have to make my decision on where to attend graduate school - something I know will be easier when I come back.. as I already feel myself becoming a new woman.

So that in 20 years and when I am asking my sis “hey what was is that we did in NYC on my birthday?” or “what was that restaurant’s name in Philly?” I will be able to look upon this glorious way of documenting memories and say “Aha, Max Brenner’s Chocolate Factory when Shaina stole that menu.”

Worthy Moments:
Camden, NJ: Chelsea (my sister) and all her roommates went to class while I stayed at the apt. and cooked them dinner. Of course, the sauteed asparagus smoked up a bit and the apt. building’s fire alarm went off. 20 minutes, a few police officers and a headache later, I was able to sauteed that asparagus to perfection.. (embarrassing scale: about a 9)
Friday March 26th, on our journey back to Camden from Philly, we ran into a young fellow that was from S. Jersey. I have never in my life met a more charismatic person with such confidence. Meeting him was when I first realized that people from the West and East coast’s are world’s apart... and I like it.

Coffee at Anthony’s Italian Coffee- yes you may have seen this place frequented on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or maybe it’s one of your personal favorites... but this is the exact place and moment in time that I first fell in love with Philly. Sis and I sat outside, bemused by the hustle and bustle of the local’s, the ruggedness of construction workers and the undeniable friendliness of all passerby’s.

NYC March 27th, Chelsea and I got comedy club tickets and of course sat up front. A part of the act we were indeed, but it was only agitated when chelsea spilled her drink all over her lap in front of hundreds. Luckily, my sister being the confident and carefree woman that she is was able to poke fun at herself and even give the comedians a little material to work with.

12 Steps Down Bar Philly - As sis and I were strolling alone South Street, we passed by a bar that she had always heard about.. “a classic philly joint” if you will. I said to her “why don’t we go in.” At one in the afternoon Chelsea and I enjoyed a honey flavored beer while being entertained by the construction workers on their break. The Philly men are HILARIOUS. I love em. One in particular really took a liking to us and said “girls.. I will make a day out of it.. we will get on my boat.. I take YOUS girls to a real nice lunch like Dave and Buster’s or something.. and YOUS girls will have a real good time.”
(yes a lot of them say YOUS or YOUSES and yes he said Dave and Buster’s)

A Day Alone in Philly- Chelsea had class and I had an entire day alone to get lost in Philadelphia. THIS WAS AMAZING. I went to Reading Terminal Market, S. Street, Chinatown, Love Park, the Historic District and all the hot spots.. Being alone for new experiences is incredible. I was able to get some writing done, people watch and really take in the aroma of the city. It’s fair to say this day changed my life.

A Day Alone in Detroit- As a last minute decision, I went and saw my friend who lives in Westland, MI. He had to work while I was there but was kind enough to let me take his car around the cities and explore. Where do I go? Well of course the sketchiest part of Detroit one could imagine. Even at high noon I felt incredibly scared. But the day only got better as I navigated to safer neighborhoods and talked with some locals. I noticed that Michiganders are either really proud of their state or itching to get out. They are always the first to acknowledge the gravity of Detroit and how it’s really not getting any better. I concluded that Detroit is a Godless city and needs prayer. It’s overridden with poverty and drugs, only dwindling more as I type. God deliver this city.

I humbly conclude that I hope that living on the East coast is in God’s plan for me, as I can vividly see myself prospering and learning so much there. I cannot wait to explore more places and meet more people... something I feel is just as important to me as the air I’m breathing..

The neatest realization about this trip is that is affirmed my desires and yearning to travel. This is where I am at my best- TRAVELING. When I am moving and seeing new places, my stomach turns into knots and my mind is released from captivity. I am an explorer, a dreamer, a woman unconfined to one space - this is me.

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  1. beautiful pictures.. sounds like u had a lots of fun..


  2. I am madly in love with your photos. What a great trip! I envy anyone who is able to do this. Just think in 15 more years i'll be able to do this! :)

  3. you, lady, are amazing. it sounds like a wonderful trip & the pictures are stunning. i must say im a little jealous of PA... i would rather you move to kansas and be best friends! : )

  4. wow you are such a beautiful lady.

    you radiate.

    enjoy your travels and the life that you are fulfilling. it will mean everything if you ever decide to give life to another.

  5. Um I am most definitly putting my hair up into a scarf á la you tomorrow *adore*

    Love love love,



  6. Beautifully written! It sounds like your heart is already there ~ When something strikes you so fancily that it feels more like a memory than a hope, it's very hard to be patient. Here's to wishing your dreams true!


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