Cry a little..

7:16 PM

Life is completely unpredictable. Most times, I love to enjoy life, but some days you JUST HAVE TO CRYYYYY.

Watch this video...

A family friend was murdered last week and today was his funeral. He was 29 years old and totally undeserving of such a crime.

If you are a praying individual, please use that POWER to shower it upon his family. I personally cannot relate to the pain that I know this family is going through a pain that is totally hindering of normalcy. Pray : the power is incredible.

Robert Wagner - enjoy heaven. dance in the clouds. have fun with our King. see you soon.

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  1. wow. i am so sorry courtney. i'll be praying. love you and miss you!!!

  2. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My family will be praying.

    I cried when I watched the movie. It was beautiful... really beautiful!

  3. i'll be praying for you.. so sorry.


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