Bollywood Fever

2:19 PM

I am completely, sickly, totally obsessed with Bollywood films. I justify this with the fact that I don't watch much else.

I just watched Monsoon Wedding and adored it.
I then texted my sister because I am having Bollywood Film Fever (actual medical term) and she said I HAD to go watch JODAA AKBAR.

Sis was right. It is quite possibly the most amazing love story between (i'm pretty certain) two of the most attractive people in India.

As my sis said: "Let the brilliance of Bollywood transport you to 16th century India"

I present you:

Hrithik Roshan

and Aishwarya Rai

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  1. omg i love her!! she's amazing! monsoon wedding is absolutely amazing and you have just convinced me to watch the other!! :)

    Don't you just love that culture and all the beautiful saree's and henna and jewels?!

  2. I saw a Bollywood movie in India once upon a time.... and just love the epic themes with all the drama attached.

  3. have you seen Saalam Bombay? Not exactly Bollywood, but very good.

    I haven't visited yr blog in awhile. Sorry. No internet at my house. Anyway, you are a total sweetheart.

    XXX, Kim

  4. You weren't kidding about 2 amazingly beautiful people!!

    I'll have to watch the film!

  5. I LOVE Bollywood movies. I had some really good Indian friends growing up, and I would go to their house and watch movies with them... even if I didn't understand a word the people and colors were just breathtaking!


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