i'm about to pop-culture.

7:41 PM

"are you you here to make friends"?

"i'm not here to make friends"

"you're not my friends, i'm not here to make any friends"

but you did sell your personality, body, less than original sense of humor or style to be put on display for the world to see. maybe to gain a slot on wikipedia or a wee nudge in the direction of full-fletched stardom, but really, it's almost better that you say "i am here to make friends." heck, it beats the former.

for 2010-2020, i hope this starts to diminish rather than augment.

HEAVENS TO BETSY i cannot watch any more junk t.v.
it's sucking the life out of me..

currently reading for the first time (pathetic and very late, i know)
A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens...
i'm about 1/4 way finished
it feels as if i'm running out of pins for a voodoo doll - tantalizing despite initial hesitations.

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  1. oh my goodness amazing.
    sooooo true.
    my old roommate and i used to do dead on impressions of all the contestants last season...our favorite line?
    i am not here to make friends!

    it's kind of a shame how junk tv just sucks you in, though, isn't it?


  2. Hey Doll am glad you liked my video, am so sorry for the late reply
    Well to create my video I used the simple program “Movie Maker” I think this
    Program is included in every computer no existing right, and if you don’t have it you
    Could download the program on-line like my brother did it literally took
    Only 5 minutes.

    And it has many different effects I made mine “old movie” and I placed a lot slow motion capture in most of the movie.
    Inserting the song was a bit tricky because the song kept repeating it self I didn’t understand why? But finally I did it
    I love it, it was so much fun!
    Am glad you visit darling!♥

  3. 'nothing rhymes with "comment"'
    I just spent about 3 minutes trying to come up with a word, I couldn't. Is there some really obvious one I'm missing here?

    Also, that video made me laugh, a lot. Thank-you!

  4. Oh, why voodoo?

    yes, I want to say that I am here to make friends:)


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