waiting in the wallows.

10:14 AM

It's been over a week since i've blogged.
i've been drowning in work. assignments. visa applications. birthdays. ceremonies. etc.
it's a very HAPPY busy. one that i treasure.
today i have to type a French paper and finish some paperwork for France.

another exciting thing is that i've met some incredible people in the past couple of weeks.


the only sad thing is that i lost a good friendship. no, he's still very much alive and breathing, just has decided that i'm not a good fit for his life. it hurt at first. but then suddenly it didn't as i realized that i know my abilities to love are endless and my friendship to someone is also a gift (as a cherish both things greatly). although i didn't do anything wrong, i think he's going through things in his life that will be expedited without me in the picture. i'm totally okay with that.. but that sad thing is..

i'm not sure i'll be there when he decides enter my life again. i'm just not the girl to wait in the wallows. i never have been.. i never will be.

currently getting me through these crazy times.. GOOD friends..

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  1. Good friends, when recognized, seem to shine brighter than the sun. I am happy to hear through your chaotic weeks that your friends are there. Cherish them.

    They are the sparkle in the night.

  2. Amen to good friends! I swear, without mine, I would be so lost. They make up my world.

  3. Good friends!!! Fantastic!!



  4. We experience the same thing, except for busy part of applying visa. Ha! I hope this will come very soon... I am expecting something, which is related about working in french speaking country, and oh I know you are busy but I would be glad if we can be friends of whom I could talk in French despite my lack of proficiency! At least I learn!

    Have a nice week ahead!

  5. Blech - I'm going through that with a friend; except it's sort of role-reversed. The decisions he's making aren't compatible with those of which I'm making.

    It stinks..but it's hard to be happy when I'm constantly surrounded by that, you know?

    PS you're adorable. Yeah? Yeah.


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