Phoenix - "in Paris we clap like this"

10:11 AM

Aside from the fact that their musical climaxes melt my heart and speak to my soul, Phoenix is a beloved band to me. This smattering of Parisian princes have been whispering the good word in my ear for a few years now. Alright, alright maybe you have heard of them by now due to their recent sell-out to Ford commercials and blockbuster movies, but truly their sound is one of energy and love.

I have let go of that notion of "not liking anything because it's popular."

It's exhausting- I like Phoenix, Snuggies, Taylor Swift, Pride and Prejudice and Veganism.
(to name a few)

Best part of the evening is when they were doing an encore song, the song started slow- queue the instruments, the movement, buildup, the emotion...

it was building, then all of a sudden the people in the front (us) were welcomed to dance on stage with them for the remainder. it was absolutely brilliant.

they made my heart soar that night.

See you in Paris soon- my loves.

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  1. looks like u guys had so much fun (:


  2. The first time I heard Phoenix... I didn't stop playing them for a week. I love them!

    Oh and you look great in red lipstick!

  3. Dang, your friends are handsome.

  4. There is NOTHING like the inspiring wave of a rockin' live band! NOTHING!! Talk about feeling alive ~ Music is awesome.

    And so are you ;)

  5. looks like fun...I love hearing live music.

  6. such wonderful pictures. they look like so much fun!

    & i, too, adore tswift & snuggies.
    who couldn't?!

    happy february cutie!

  7. I've heard of Phoenix before and it's always good things too, I've got to listen to them very soon.

  8. I love phoenix!, too bad they will never come to my country :(

    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog
    I'll follow yours now.

  9. I love reading your postings! You are so full of passion for life and brimming over with love for your friends! Keep up with the photos their beautiful!! xo

  10. jealous! i love them. and that red lipstick. and taylor swift and snuggies, too.

  11. Oooooh FML I was supposed to go to that show. Word of the wise: don't make your date mad ;)

    Seabear played; eeee! Love them love them love them.

    You're a rockstar. Share with me, mmk?


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