all things French are good- especially little princesses

10:42 AM

In honor of French club this evening, I have dedicated this post to the sweetest little French thing..

... all my French bloggers out there ( Je sais pour certain que vous l'aimerez .je promets)

for all you non-French bloggers out there- you must know this little darling actually speaks quite well.

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  1. i LOVE this little girl. LOVE. she reminds me of a young amelie!

    she was my inspiration for sunday sweets! i featured her in my first round-- i adore her.

    this video of her is equally as swoon-worthy! ; )

    happy thursday love!

  2. aaw so cute yea i agree with anna she does remind of amelie to.


  3. The mind of a child is so wonderful. There are no boundaries...just limitless creativity. What a wonderful world they live in. It's sad to think as most people grow older they lose this ability to make believe. Thank you for taking me on a truly fantastic ride! ~ michelle

  4. Too cute!! I don't speak French at all but one of my dearest friends is married to a French fellow and they have their 2 littles speaking perfect french and english. I LOVE visiting them!! There is nothing NOTHING sweeter!

    Wish my husband would teach our kiddos Russian :)


  5. Haha I saw this video a while ago. Too funny. But for some reason that little girl annoys the heck out of me.. Sorry :S

  6. She's too cute! I wish I knew how to speak French. I only know the bare bones of that language...

  7. oh. my. gosh. she is so adorable, like a little audrey tautou. the "trrrres MECHANTE!" part killed me.

    really though, her french is amazing. american kids of that age don't speak english anywhere near as good as her little french!


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