You are..

9:29 PM

Isn't it incredible that there isn't one single human being exactly like
I think it's pretty sweet that no matter how much hurts me in this world
I am a living, breathing, original being.

I think the most unique thing about me is that I can flourish when surrounded by many people
and also when I am in complete solitude.

Often times I will turn down a dinner invitation just to sit in my room and listen to Mumford & Sons
and write in my journal.
I then wake up the next day with all these new ideas and feelings.

Vocalizing [or rather, textualizing] that realization felt really good.

I am curious..
what is unique about YOU?

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  1. Your blog is too cute! I love that you speak French, I lived in Paris for 2 years and I miss it.


  2. I love being alone, too. I need to be alone on a regular basis.
    I did find a boyfriend who understands that, he's the same. And sometimes, we can both be alone even if we're in the same room, I love that. Thanks for stopping by on our little blog, I love yours :)
    A bientôt !


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