letting go.

7:15 PM

me- age 5. las vegas, nv.

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  1. I love reading your blog :) Just love it!

  2. i go through that from time to time as well. sometimes you feel your heart tugging and you want to force yourself to keep your eyes on Him...but sometimes t just happens. hope your doing well. and i love your blog....like always.

  3. I can totally relate to what you are saying.

    it is a hard balance.

    but blogging, has helped me learn to live.
    it's such an odd concept, but i see Him in all the blog friends i have, & for that, i am thankful.

    love to you ladybug!

    p.s. you were/are ADORABLE!! i love photos!

  4. wow. idk if i cud do it but this inspires me to try. very confident of ur words. i like tht (:
    have a great day hun


  5. What a wonderful post. It has certainly inspired me to be more spontaneous and to take things as they come. You were adorable!

  6. Thanks for the comment! I completely agree with you about Aaron and his worshiping!!

  7. I know what you mean. I need to reconnect with people (in real life). It's been hard for me since moving to a city that I despise, where my only contact with the world is at school.
    I am thankful for the for the friends I've made and their inspiring blogs.

  8. I just strive to remember that there will never be anything new under the sun - so why invest in such things? Of course, it's a hard struggle to live in this world but let go of it at the same time - but He is here to carry us through!

    Your blog is very inspiring, and what a cute photo!

  9. I started my blog when I lived far from home, and had trouble making friends, so I was so thankful for being able to connect with others. But at the same time it is important not to forget about the important value of real-life friendships.


    ps: You were the cutest child! I love your little outfit!!

  10. You have such a gift for writing. Selflessness is always something to strive for. Know you're not the only one fighting :)


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