Reflections of a Skyline.

10:32 AM

I promise you will start watching this clip and not be able to pull away.

This is why I love short films.

and love.

Favorite part:

"and some how communicate some of the overwhelming, undying, overpowering, unconditional. all-encompassing, heart-enriching, mind-expanding, ongoing, never-ending love...."

"i have for you.."


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  1. last year, i saw this for the first time & my friend and i just put it on repeat and watched it over and over again while laying in my room. it seriously touched my heart & tears were streaming down my face each time we rewatched it. absolutely precious.

    so happy you posted it!

  2. Anna:

    Doesn't it melt your heart? The words are beautiful and equally the cinematography.

    I am having videographer's-block and this inspiration was much needed .

    Happy you enjoyed my dear.

  3. :o umm idk wat to say i just found ur blog and this video is amazing. it really melts ur heart away. and i love how they both are clueless but r willing to do things they dont wat to wow i love it (:



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