"passive aggressive contentiousness"

12:47 AM

While I've never personally suffered from a TRUE (totally subjective) love, I have suffered such heart break from other areas of my life.
Yet, still, I feel I have never really experienced this sort of love.
I feel this exemplifies those feelings I have often witnessed. Although some would argue that it's anger, regret and animosity the one gains from a wasted relationship, I would argue that the end result is that person wonders where that initial love went (it was there, who took it? where did it go? how can I get it back? where did I go wrong to make it go away?)

Where there is heartbreak there is humor.

I love the part where the man points out that from then on he will treat women with "passive aggressive contentiousness."

I guess what I am trying to say... there is always the option of finding the good in the bad.

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  1. hmm thats true..i suppose you can turn your perspective to something else. thank you for that. happy new year!


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