"Nobody raise your voices..."

7:56 PM

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Words can't tell. Words are cheap at times. Words can hardly express how I feel.
Words can barely scratch the surface. If there is one thing I love on this earth it is the sounds of Zach Condon of Beirut. He melts my heart. Speaks to my soul. Tells me it's going to be "ok," even though he is unaware of my existence. When I'm all alone and the world is but a memory, I lock myself away and sway to his voice. I get lost in the symphonic trumpets and the wonderful sounds of the accordion. I cry sometimes when I love things so much. I cry a lot when Zach sings to me.

(this is in the actual recorded version of the song. I speak French so any song that can incorporate the language that I love is forever imprinted on my heart)

"Oh non je t'en prie, nous ne sommes pas chez nous. "
"Oh je t'assures que ce n'est pas grave. "
"Non laisse moi ! "
"Mais qu'est-ce que tu as aujourd'hui ? "
" J'ai que les hommes me dégoutent. Vous ne pensez qu'à ça ... "

Woman: Oh no please! We're not at our house.
Man: I assure you, it doesn't matter.
Woman: No, let me go!
Man: What's gotten into you today?
Woman: I know that men disgust me. You don't think of anything other than 'that'.

Just get lost in this music. S'il vous plait.

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  1. ( swoon ) i LOVE beirut!!! their music gives me chills, the music, his voice. just amazing.

  2. That's what music is supposed to do.


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