My Sister, the Peace Corps Volunteer.

10:36 AM

[this is her dressed up on New Years. Some wear revealing, wet-seal mannequin type outfits, but Chelsea goes to saver's and turns heads with her sparkle]

My sister Chelsea, is quite possibly the most witty, beautiful, intelligent and free-spirited person.
She is the kind of person you meet and honestly never forget.
She puts people in situations that forces them to be
original or different.
She challenges you in the most mundane ways and she is sometimes unaware of it.

Last May she graduated from UNLV and later got a scholarship to Rutger's University in Camden, NJ. She is a Peace Corps Volunteer and after two semesters in NJ, Chelsea will leave (this summer) to a foreign country for two years.

I have to say that this is the most selfless thing you can do. To complete forfeit television, 24 hour grocery stores, movies on the weekends and even a quick, hot meal in order to better an underdeveloped country.

Chelsea hasn't found out yet where she will be stationed. But she does know that wherever God leads her she will be a missionary in His lands. She will humble herself in order to impact a country with the blessings she has received as an American and truly embrace the culture and language in which she is introduced to.

Today after she left for the airport, I cried [a lot].
Then I smiled because I have the honor of saying "she is MY sister."
I love you Beeda.

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  1. She seems like an amazing person. Felicitations to Chelsea for being so brave and generous. The world needs more people like her :)

  2. Aw that is really sweet! She sounds like such a sweet and incredible person!!

  3. I agree. I have "friends" at home. but i've come to find that people on blogger are really genuine and nice people. i've started blogging this christmas and i've already made a few friends.


  4. sounds like a wonderful thing to choose to dedicate yourself to. i truly respect people like that. pass on my best wishes!

  5. Such an incredibly selfless act. Our is better because of fabulous people like your sister!

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