My Anti-Valentine's Day

4:12 PM

The other night my friends and I cooked dinner, watched paranormal activity [not THAT scary,
folks] and baked homemade cookies shaped as hearts.

After the movie was over we sat and watched Jersey Shore and laughed at it's vanity.

I dozed off and it was a good, good night with girls that understand me better than myself.

Choco-chip cookie boobs beat silicone any day ;]

As Valentine's Day approaches and I know for certain that my martial status is destined to remain as dry as it currently is, I am mentally preparing myself for an anti-v-day.

This is no way a cynical celebration to make those who are happily in relationships to feel bad for their ties to another person. This is my own way of redirecting my meaning of Valentine's day.

I feel like America would get much more accomplished if we dedicated the entire year to being foolishly in love with their counter-part and maybe turn Feb 14th into a day that people love on a new person, extend a helping hand, or buy the coffee of the person behind you in the Starbuck's line [I have done this a few times and it proves to be the warmest, best feeling in the world].

I am not a bitter spinster that sits and critiques men of their shortcomings or rejects the idea of happy co-dependancy. Rather, I am a young girl who knows that she is capable of loving wholly based off of the unwavering love He has shown me [and it births in even the most untouched areas of life].

On my anti-v-day, I won't be going to a fancy dinner are dazzingly over the dozen red roses on my desk, I won't share a loving kiss or moment with anyone, but I will be embracing the humans around me for who they are. I will make friends with the shy girl next to me in French class. I will make cookies for a random person and give them a note with it. I will do something that will impact someone's day. I will have a successful love-filled holiday and maybe even make a new friend or two along the way :]

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  1. your kitchen is HUGE and GORGEOUS!!! haha wow.
    and love the heart shaped cookies! very cute. :)

    post script- i love your follow me button. i want one! i wish i knew how to make my blog look cute

  2. courtney,
    valentine's day is just a consumer holiday, and designed to make all the geeks and freaks of the western hemisphere feel bad about themselves. And anyway, friends are the most precious thing ever anyway!
    XXX, Kim

  3. Love the cookies, they look delicious. Sounds like you had lots of fun with the girls.
    About V-Day... Well. I guess it's about love, you don't have to make it about a significant other. This V-Day will be the first one I spend with my boyfriend and we want to make it very low-key.

  4. Amen! I feel the exact same about Valentines day. Thank you for this post!

    Oh and the cookies look delicious!

  5. ah, what a lovely read your blog is. moi aussi, je crois en amour. toujours et a jamais!

    a bit of spontaneous french for you there, but i spent the year in france and since leaving it i haven't had a chance to use it... so voila!

    i couldn't bring myself to ever watch paranormal activity. i get such horribly nightmares. eek, anyway, i love the green in that outfit you wore.

  6. Here, here! My first two years of college I participated in Pity Day as we called it. We ate so much junk food and watched sappy romance movies, but I only went for the food. My Valentine's Day this year will consist of going to an Indian buffet. No roses, no flowers. Don't worry, just avoid the couples who enjoy PDA. Haha. Those cookies look absolutely delicious by the way.

  7. I love your idea! I think we need to realize that the loving "feeling" and actual love are sometimes related, but in reality two quite different things. One is a feeling that is cute, but fleeting. The other is so much stronger and doesn't belong to just one person. We need to love everyone for who they are and where they're at.

    Great post. You put some great thoughts in my head about things I want to do!


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