An evening with the King

10:34 AM

Any chance I have to get on a stage and sing Journey's "don't stop believing" I embrace with a huge smile.

Friends & I went to outdoors art show/concert and then jumped over to one of Las Vegas' finest joints:

Famous for their Fri-Saturday Karaoke & eclectic gathering of American's, a night at champagne's is surely to be a great night.

Highlight of the evening were as follows:
1. The two boys who rode off on into the night on a two-sweater bike
2. The distorted Twitpic that Derek took of C []
3. Using the men's restroom- hearing man enter- waiting until man left to avoid any extra embarrassment
4. Speaking French with Jose to disguise our spicy conversation
5. Watching Christianne dance alone on the dance floor
6. Singing "I love Rock and Roll" with about 10 of my most loved friends

Oh life. You are too beautiful.

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  1. very cute photos! you have such an exciting life! haha

  2. Love your pictures, you can feel the fun & great friendships :)

  3. Aww super cute photos :) Looks like you guys have fun together!

  4. Your pictures are so cute. And I love Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"


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