Vegas Girls with a Vegan Feast; it changed my life.

10:46 AM

My amazing friend Dylan Rodriguez resides in L.A. and has an incredible apartment on Melrose. I love the city and all the culture it exudes. We decided to have a VEGAN FEAST. Ok, so I do understand that being Vegan is trendy however, these people really know what flavors can be used in place of meat and dairy products. I was thoroughly impressed. Friday night we ordered take-out from her favorite Vegan placed called Bulan and every bite I put in my body made me so excited that I was a living, breathing and eating human (as opposed to a dog that sometimes I wish I could be.. yanno, just sleep all day). It meals like these that say "should I just become a VEGAN and see how it goes?".. and then I think about a nice rare piece of filet mignon and I say to myself "no way, I'm a raw-meat eating machine and could never give it up!" Amen for Vegan people and AMEN for meat-eaters. We CAN co-exist people.

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