Oh the RODEO! PBR Las Vegas.

9:27 PM

OH the RODEO! How exciting you are. When my great friend, Lauren Byrge told me she had free tickets to PBR in Las Vegas, I couldn't say no. I am all about new experiences. So I must say that before going to the rodeo and interacting with some amazing and interesting people, I never was a BIG fan of high-waisted wrangler jeans, cowboy hats or well... tying up cattle for a living. What I realized in my few hours at the rodeo is that there is a subculture of Americans who wake, live, breath and eat this lifestyle. Whose horses are their means of survival. Whose dreams are to make it to a PBR championship. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL experience this was. Oh, and we met some very gentleman-like cowboys that helped me to remember that woman are 100 percent worthy of being treated well. They were sweet, interesting and made me feel like a RESPECTED woman. Woohoo for RODEO life and sweet-hearted cowboys.

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