The night before it all went down.

8:36 PM

Christmas Eve was spent at my dear friend Alex Williams house. Her parents always throw a huge bash, complete with glutenous amounts of posh dishes and enough people to facilitate the "party" feel. I absolutely love spending time with my family and others that I love. Alex goes to school with me at UNLV and plans on becoming an actress when after she graduates. What a lovely girl. We grew up together. I love her. Moreover, I love pre-holiday festivites (as you may have presumed after reading previous posts). Favorite incidents from the evening....

1. Meeting a new neighbor lady (she was a bit obsessed with me, chelsea and alex. I guess we are "smart"?)

2. Walking to the Williams house in cold, cold, cold weather. I was holding a pie.

3. Laughing at Alex (just in general).

4. Poking my dad's full, Christmas belly.

5. Having fun drinks.

6. Walking home with a full belly, smile on my face, family next to me and the thought of my nice, cozy bed to mold into.
Thank you baby Jesus for your birth and your death, for You saved me from a life in pain and provided me with a lifetime of happiness and freedom. I love life.

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