a light in my life

10:55 AM

Happy Birthday to Miss C. Carrillo . Did you know she's my friend? Her and I met in a women studies class a couple of years ago and sadly waited years to really get to know one another. She has inspired me so much recently in my life. I will name a few things that she has sparked in my life. 1. She is an amazing artist and encouraged me to start sketching and painting (I have recently done this and have fallen in love). 2. She introduced me to the band "Vampire Weekend" 3. She is spontaneous, never complains and you can throw her into ANY social setting and she will flourish (I love people like this). 4. She will watch indie love story films with me and enjoy them. 5. She got me to appreciate screen stills. 5. She taught me how to say "thank you" in Tagalog. 6. She has a gold molar and I think it's adorable. 7. She is HILARIOUS. I feel bad for you if you've never had the pleasure of gutturally laughing from one of her spoken truths. 8. She's from Alaska and I think that's really cool. 9. She knows WAY more about photography than I do. and the most important truth of Christianne is that She has a golden heart.

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