Holiday Bliss

11:13 AM

So far, this holi day season rocks. My best friend Jackie (pictured above) is a shining light in my life.. She's the friend that makes me want to be BETTER. She's the girl that has the Lord so deeply rooted in her being that it's evident the moment her full, pretty-pink lips purse to speak. She's the Type who will scratch your back, make your burned CD's on time, make you feel beautiful even when you have an afro-lions mane (which I so often have). We met at vacation Bible school when we were wee ones and her sweet spirit is undeniable. I will love her forever.

Oh and the aprons were 100% vintage and original (from Mama Stroup's glorious collection) but that hasn't stopped me from buying of this apron for this cooking season. You can buy them at ... Don't they make you just want to be a trophy, domesticated and somewhat submissive wife? No? Just me?

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