A Christmasy Acronym

10:40 AM

Due to the fact that I have to work on Christmas day, all of my celebrating will be fit into the day before. Movies, food, libations, hugs, photos and great conversation with my family. I love um.
I compiled an acronym-based list of things I experienced in 2009.
Cherished the fact that I have a great job, in 2009, too many were lost.
Had my first oyster. I give it a 6.
Realized that I am an established young woman. No longer a kid with intangible dreams.
Invited the Lord in my heart to stay forever. Too many times before I had fallen.
Sang Korean Karaoke in downtown L.A. with new, amazing friends.
Told a boy that he was a "spineless little fraction of a man." He deserved it.
Made headbands, bachlava and ad campaign's.
Agreed fully with the political views of John Stossel.
Saved every cent I earned for my frivolous stay in Europe next year.

Earned the title of "Public Relation's Chair" for Up 'til Dawn.
Voted out all things negative and decided that using the words "love" and "inspiration" come out of my mouth way too much, but I don't care.
Experienced a year of happiness, self-discovery, adventure, independence, singleness, new hobbies, praising God and understanding that my existence means something. I am not another breathe that respires or a soul that is forgotten. I am a woman of worth and I cannot wait to jump around new corners and document the adventures that lie before me.

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