A bit like SpaghettiO's

12:11 PM

I love Christmas, of course. What kind of living, breathing human would I be if I didn't enjoy the holiday festivities? I do love them, I do. But to think with a half-empty glass, I argue that Christmas is anticlimactic . You spend an entire month baking, shopping, wrapping, laughing and anticipating the excitement of a supposed wonderful day and when it comes, it's there, it happens and then it's all over. It almost makes me angry. I almost can't enjoy each moment because I know that soon it will be over and I have to face reality. Ugh. Reality. I love you, but sometimes I don't always want you.

Kind of like spaghettiO's.

So to brighten my day I remembered the day I was in Downtown San Diego and this little old German lady approached me. Although I hardly understood her, I adored her disposition. She was kind enough to let me snap a photo of her.

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  1. Hi !
    I'm Sophie, I've ever painted your friend Christianne Mae as you can see here http://sophiebastien.deviantart.com/art/Christianne-Mae-113742266
    I see several pictures of you on her website and I really would like to paint you ! :) Do you agree ?

    here is my email : contact@sophiebastien.com

  2. Yes, of course. I will send you an e-mail :)

  3. OH! I love this!! You have something super special... I've been looking on blogs all over - really really nice. Like a memory...


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