Au Revoir, 2009.

10:23 AM

Hehe, oh life.

This year has been incredible. I entered my senior year of college, I discovered new hobbies and gained inspiration in some of the most untouched avenues of my life.
I met incredible people, set some new goals and most importantly began to really
love my life and the people around me.
I am AAA okay with being single, love can be given and received even when you have no body to call your own.
I began to love.

Oh and philanthropy [I may just pursue you as a career].

A few things that totally got me through the rough patches this year:

La Blogotheque
I highly recommend watching this video.


Bon Iver

He breaks my heart I love him so much.

The Temper Trap
Although they are not my no. one band they paved way to some of the thoughts I mustered together this year.

To hone in on every great moment of 2009 would result in me blogging all day.
Bottom line; the world can truly be a beautiful place.
Surround yourself with those that will lift you up.
Take time to listen to your neighbor.
Make eye contact and learn something new about a person.

Next year this time, I HOPE I will be in Boston.

I took the GRE yesterday [strangely, I feel very confident]
We shall see.


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